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Erika is a Reiki Master, practitioner & Teacher of the Usui method. She is a transformational Spiritual Coach, and Angel Energy therapist, whose compassion, intuition, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered advocate of positive change. Infinitely passionate about creating ripple effects of transformation, she is on a lifelong mission to help women reclaim their personal power, regain focus, and reassess their strengths, so they can dismantle all the roadblocks that stand between them and success.

In addition, Erika Diaz holds an array of certifications, including but not limited to Life Coaching, Animal Reiki practitioner, Angel Oracle card reader and Crystal healer. She conducts her practice online with distance healing, readings and coaching, using the Zoom meeting platform. She also does limited in person sessions and Reiki classes.

Erika's Distance Reiki Session

Erika's Remote Healing sessions are unique and profoundly healing, with a deep focus on removing negative emotions, physical pain, stress & anxiety. She fouses on aligning your Chakras with energy. Working with the the Archangels and the help of specific Chakra crystals. All healing sessions begin with a ten minute guided relaxation. meditation and ends with a "Ganesh Mantra", that removes all negative obstacles standing in your way. You will feel refreshed, light, relaxed and calm. 

Sessions are held through Zoom. Find a quiet space, where you won't be bothered and where you can lay down or sit up comfortably. 

Long Distance Reiki & Angelic Healings

Distance Healing has been done for centuries. Universal Energy goes through space & time to relieve past, present and past-life Physical, Mental and Emotional ailments. Schedule a long distance healing with me today.


10 Reviews

Ryan Patrick

22 March 2022

22 March


Erika is so amazing and has helped me so much over the last couple of years. Most recently she helped me through a surgery recovery process with ongoing reiki s...
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S. Skye

31 December 2021

31 December


My sister introduced me to this reiki healer & it has turned out to be the best gift I've ever received. Erika is amazing. She has a unique gift of spiritual co...
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